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Kneale Family Stowe VT

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25 Main St.
Stowe, Vermont

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On Tap

Lost Nation Brewing "Rustic Ale" (Morrisville,  VT) 6.00
a ruby colored ale that has a pronounced hop character. This smooth beer features a soft malt body that is complimented by a generous amount of American hops

Trapp Family Brewery "Golden Helles" (Stowe, VT ) 6.00
golden in color, a crisp easy drinking beer. Emphasis on malt flavors with a touch of hop to finish

Switchback Amber Ale (Burlington, VT) 5.25
An English-style unfiltered amber ale with a nice malt balance.

Rock Art Brewery "Citra IPA"  (Morrisville, VT) 6.00
an American styled IPA that displays light golden hue with aromas of lemon, grapefruit and tropical fruit. Slight malt backbone which allows Citra hope to come through and make this IPA very drinkable

Bottles & Cans 

The Alchemist Heady Topper      7.00
Allagash White                             4.25
Amstel Light                                 3.75
Budweiser                                    3.25        
Bud Lite                                        3.25        
Corona Extra                                3.75   
Guinness Pub Can                       4.50
Heineken                                      3.75
Buckler (N/A)                                3.75
Michelob Ultra                              3.50
Stella Artois                                  3.75
Citizens Cider (16oz can)             5.25
Glutenberg IPA (16 oz can)          5.00 Gluten Free